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Managed Services

Been hit with a large bill after a server or key computer breakdown?
Worried about the next computer or network stoppage?

Whether something breaks down with your IT infrastructure, or whether you simply need a laptop repaired, your entire enterprise can grind to a halt at anytime.

With a standard break/fix service contract, you wait for a computer, server or some device such as a printer or scanner to break and then call an IT firm to hopefully rush out and save the day….

but it doesnt quite work this way.

You see the problem with this model is that your business is always in a reactive mode  and you never know when a computer or server is going to break or crash in the middle of payroll or some other important business event. Not only do you have to worry when one of your computers or servers might crash on you but you dont know how long it might take to get repaired, not all IT service companies have computer or server spares that your company might need to get back up and running.

So you could wait at the very least hours and in the worst case scenario a few days to a few weeks!

But it doesnt have to be this way.

That approach might seem scary and even backward thinking in the 21st century, yet many businesses operate their businesses like this despite losing thousands of productive hours to computer screens not turning on, mouses not pointing, email clients not sending or receiving emails, network updates, mobile security devices, printer problems, software problems and all those lost hours end up costing businesses tens of thousands per year in wasted time when the same time could have been put to better use by growing your business, rather than worry about some device not functioning or turning on.

The IT world has changed forever, 10 years ago we didnt have smartphones that are nearly as powerful as some laptops, the question is – Is your business still trying to operate today like it did 10 years ago?

As a thriving business, you might want to keep your IT systems in Northern Nevada from ever falling apart in the first place. The saying ‘an ounce of prevention is better than the pound of cure’ is one we are all aware of. However, in this industry, we all too often see organizations neglecting the wisdom of prevention, subsequently incurring shocking losses – of time, resources, energy, cost, productivity and piece of mind – that come from IT breakdowns.

With Managed Services from Office Pros (OP), you can:

  • Easily Budget your IT expenses – We provide an all-inclusive, flat-rate for our IT services, which allows you to set a fixed budget. This prevents fluctuations in spending that could very well disrupt your entire financial plan.
  • Predictable support services – You can plan service changes in advance, according to convenience and practicality. We can thoughtfully determine the best times to discuss issues with our consultants, implement upgrade cycles, perform system auditing and handle maintenance tasks.
  • Vested Commitment – With managed services from OP, our sole interest is in ensuring your systems are consistently stable and reliable. The reliability of your systems is directly linked to our own success.
  • Focus on Enhancement – This service allows you, and us, to shift attention from fixing breakdowns to the far more fulfilling, invigorating process of enhancing network management capabilities and increasing the value of your systems.
  • Less downtimeWe identify and fix issues before they become computer repair problems. Potential issues show up on your radar screen, and our radar screen, well before they cause any disruption to your office.

Managed services from Office Professional provide you with all of the advantages of having consistent performance and more predictable expenses, while avoiding the common problems of trying to allocate massive budgets for needed IT infrastructure projects. We offer Silver, Gold and Platinum service levels to meet almost any budget. Contact us today for a free quote.