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Step-by-Step Quickstart using the Grandstream (GS) Wave smartphone application

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This is a step by step instruction for adding your Grandstream UCM extension to your smartphone using the “Your Info of UCM” email that the Grandstream UCM PBX can send to new and existing users.

If you need to install a softphone application on your desktop (PC or Mac) please see our Step-By-Step installation of Bria/Zoiper softphone with Grandstream UCM .

  1. First step is to install the GS Wave application from the Google Play or Apple store. This app will work on most tablets too.

Download GS Wave for Android
Download GS Wave for iOS

  1. Installing the GS Wave Application requires many permissions which some individuals might find alarming.

    Here is an explanation of permissions. Permissions are required to make a voice call (Contacts, Microphone, Bluetooth, Phone), video calls (Camera) to make sure you aren’t using your cell phone on another call (Device ID & Call Information) and it can be limited to use Wi-fi instead of your phone’s data plan (Wi-Fi connection information). It also requires access to you can write settings to the phone (Photo/Media/Files) and can display a unified call log for both GS Wave and your phone in the application (Call Logs).

    Grandstream is headquartered in Boston, MA, USA and is governed by US and International laws.
  1. Once you’ve installed it, open the GS Wave application. Click on the Settings in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  1. Then select Account Settings.
  1. Then click the + (plus) sign in the top right-hand corner.
  1. Next select the “UCM Account ( Scan QR Code)” at the top of the selections highlighted in the red box.
  1. Open the “Your Info of UCM” email and then scan the QR Code.

    A. Out of the Office or over the Internet access is highlighted in Red under Public IP Address

    B. In the Office inside the company firewall use the highlighted Green Code under Server Address-1

    Do not scan the 2 lower QR Codes marked LDAP.
  1. Click Done and the GS Wave application will try to connect to the Grandstream UCM PBX.
  1. Within 20 seconds the newly added extension, in this case 1000, will have a green dot next to it to indicate it is registered with the UCM and can make and receive calls at the extension using the GS Wave application. If the dot does not turn green please contact your phone administrator for guidance.
  1. Next click on the Keypad at the bottom and dial *97 (star97) to check your voicemail or dial extension inside your organization to test if it is working correctly.

You can use this application to make an receive calls using the office PBX.

NOTE: When you make calls using this application the person you are calling will see it is from your company’s number and not your cell phone number. This will make for a higher first-call completion rate since most businesses know the company number on their caller ID and not your personal cell phone number and they will take the call instead of letting it go to voicemail.

The user manual for the GS Wave application is available here.