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Step-By-Step installation of Bria/Zoiper softphone with Grandstream UCM

This is a step-by-step guide to installing a Bria or Zoiper softphone on your local area network or Internet connected computer to make and receive calls on your phone extension using your computer instead of a desk phone. This can allow you to initiate calls anywhere in the world from your office phone system using your computer.

There is a free GS Wave application on both the iPhone and Android marketplaces for smartphones. Please see our Step-by-Step Quickstart using the Granstream (GS) Wave smartphone application for details.


  1. Download the Bria Solo Free or Zoiper Free VOIP applications. Zoiper is illustrated here.
  2. Retrieve the Your Account of UCM or Your Account on UCM subject line email from your Grandstream UCM administrator.
  3. Your phone administrator has added the extra “Concurrent Registration” connection to your extension. If this has not been added you will get a “Forbidden (403)” message until it is added.
  4. Your network administrator has allowed for Internet connections through the firewall to the Grandstream PBX if you are using the Internet. Some systems are not interfaced with the Internet for safety reasons.
  5. Application installation rights on your PC and/or Mac. Many corporate users do not have that access. Please contact your Help Desk for assistance.
  6. Reliable high-Speed Internet connection. Test your connection at speedtest.net . If the ping is less than 40ms your connection is good. More than 60ms will cause noticeable delays when talking to someone. Anything over 150 ms is very poor and will have unacceptable delays and should not be used. Download/Upload speeds above 1MB will support a voice call.

Step By Step

  1. Get the Server Address (1), Public IP Address (2) SIP User ID (3) Authentication Password (5) details from the Your Account of UCM email.
  1. Install Zoiper or Bria softphone software. Zoiper is detailed in these instructions and Bria is similar.
  2. A. For an over the Internet connection (“out of the office” and outside the company firewall), input the information from the Your Account of UCM email when you Add a SIP account on Zoiper. It will be SIP User ID@Public IP Address:5060 (3@2) and use the Authenticate Password (5) for password. An example for extension 1001 would be 1001@biz.ddns.net:5060 -or- 1001@

    B. For an internal network connection (“at the office” inside the company firewall) , you would use the Server Address-1 (1) instead of the Public IP Address (2) in all following steps. An example would be 1001@


  1. Check to see if it will connect. Success is a green checkmark, failure is a red X. Click on the wheel next to it, then Accounts, then double click the account. Click Advanced in the top right corner.
  1. Scroll down to Pre-configured Extensions and enter *97 into Check voicemail and just a * (star) for Transfer to voicemail. Click the account on the left to save the informatio.
  1. If you still can’t make a connection (Red X) over the Internet you may need to use a STUN server. This server lets you find each other across the Internet behind firewalls. The default STUN settings for the Grandstream products is STUN Server: stun.ipvideotalk.com. STUN Port: 3478. STUN Refresh period: 30

If you still cannot connect please contact your phone administrator for assistance.

Here are quick links to the User Manuals.

Zoiper 5 User Manual
Bria 5 User Manuals